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1. NEW ZEALAND - ROAD CYCLING TOUR Experience the South Island Road Cycling, Paradise plus Cycling Tour, North Island Road Cycling


New Zealand is a country of awesome beauty: chilly mountains, quick and fast-flowing Rivers, deep, clear lakes, murmuring springs and sizzling mud. There are likewise copious timberland saves, since a long time ago left shorelines and an assortment of fauna, for example, the kiwi, endemic to its shores.

New Zealand is in perfectworld suited for cycle touring due to its smaller nature. Split into two very different islands, New Zealand is effectively covered in extreme 17 day tour to hit the highlights on and off the beaten track, if you are on a limited time period go straight to the South Island for the best scenery straight from the Lord of the Rings.

Our tours of small, personal groups are intended for both experienced and fledgling cyclists and are attend by our knowledgeable guide who is always nearby. We go for our New Zealand cycle tours to convey stunning perspectives, incredible cycling and exercises, quality convenience and awesome neighbourhood cooking.

South Island Road Cycling Experience – 14 Day & West Coast Road Cycling Experience – 10 Day South Island Road Cycling Tour

This tour takes us from the southernmost mark of the South Island towards the northern end by mean of the grand West Coast, getting a charge out of a portion of the best road cycling to be had in New Zealand. Completely bolstered and guided by Pacific Cycle Tours' accomplished aides, we cover the entire distance from hotel door to hotel door on our bikes. As we travel north we take in the many sights and exercises that make New Zealand one of the world’s most prevalentcycling goal destinations. While the tour is intended for the more genuine cyclist (100km+ per day), we also welcome

participants who prefer 60 to 100 kms cycling per day. Start your tour in the southern most point of the South Island – Bluff or start in the ‘beautiful cycling adventure Capital’ of New Zealand – Queenstown on the Southern Road Cycling Experience (14 days) or ride the West Coast to the Northern most tip of the South Island – Picton on our West Coast Road Cycling Experience (10 days).

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